Egret_webEgret      31″ x 22″

This quilt was a challenge quilt for our guild show in 1997.  The theme for the challenge was “Things With Wings.”  The bird is from a stained glass pattern.  The background was adapted from a photograph of a print.  There were four challenge fabrics – those used in the sky, the mountains, the water, and the moon.


GreatEgret_webGreat Egret      28″ x 21″

This quilt was inspired by a watercolor painting of a Great Blue Egret, done by Rod McIver of Heron Dance.  The background is strip-pieced with batik fabrics.  I used pieces from a permanently-pleated blouse for the egret’s body.  Some fake feathers serve for his tail and for the one small plume on his head.  The silver dragonflies were cut from a holographic fabric and fused on to the background.


Hummingbird_webHummingbird      17″ x 15″

This quilt was designed to feature the hand-painted background fabric, which had been given to me by a friend.  The flowers are silk flowers.  The hummingbird is adapted from a stencil.  Netting covers the quilt to tone down the brilliant colors.


JungleParrot_webJungle Parrot     40″ x 29″

This was my first quilt.  I found the pattern in a needlework pattern book, and enlarged it on the photocopier.  I had sheet fabric, with many different areas of color, which I cut from to form the various areas of the parrot.  I used light and dark aqua zigzag stitching on the face of the parrot.  The parrot was made separately and then attached to the background.


MartyMacaw_webMarty Macaw       38″ x 50″

This quilt was inspired by a photograph of a macaw.  The biggest challenge in this quilt was trying to shade the colors in the feathers using pieces of fabric and thread.  The background was pieced using a flip-and-sew method.  The parrot was done separately and then attached to the background.  The foliage came from the bottom border of a dress, and the flowers from another piece of clothing.


PeaceOnEarth_webPeace On Earth      27″ x 21″

The idea for the dove and streamers came from a Christmas card.  I used green magic marker on blue fabric to make the earth.  The dark blue background fabric already had the white houndstooth and pink dots on it.  “Peace” was added with couched gold trim.  I wanted to call the quilt “Peace on Earth” and if you look closely, you can see the word “on” written in one of the pink dots!


Percy_webPercy      40″ x 27″

Percy was adapted from a stained glass pattern.  All the fabrics, with the exception of the green background fabric, were pieces of silk that I painted.  I decided to cut the outer edge of the quilt with curves – something different from the usual standard rectangle.  The binding fabric had enough stretch to it that it was easy to use, despite the curves.


PinkFlamigo_webPink Flamingo      21″ x 17″

This will probably always be one of my favorite quilts.  I was inspired by a picture in a book on how to photograph water.  The fabric used behind the flamingo, and in the binding, was a green, yellow, and pink plaid fabric.  Other areas of a matching green were fused on in the water.  The same pink fabric was used for both the pink in the flamingo’s head, and in the head’s reflection, but heavy stitching when I quilted it altered the color of the head, given it shading and more drama.


SirOswald_webSir Oswald      18″ x 15″

I saw a segment of “Simply Quilts” where trapunto was demonstrated.  I wanted to try it, and so the owl is stuffed with extra batting.  The background is quilted within an inch of its life to make the owl stand out more.  The owl was originally white, but it looked too anemic, so I decided to paint it.  I used acrylic paints, watered down.  The orange flowers are silk flowers I fused to the background.


Swan_webSwan      15″ Round

A stained glass pattern was the inspiration for this piece.  It is attached to a 15″ metal ring.



TwoToucans_webTwo Toucans      32″ x 24″

The toucans are adapted from a design on a t-shirt from Puerto Rico.  The black velvet fabric used in the toucans is from a bolero jacket, and the flowers and background fabrics are from thrift shop blouses.  The background scraps were covered with netting before being quilted, and then the toucans and flowers were added on top of the background, and then they too were quilted.


YellowBird_webYellow Bird      35″ x 28″

The background for this quilt is a piece of silk that I painted.  It made me think of “forest” so I decided to add a tree and a bird.  The tree trunk and branch are cut from a commercial fabric.  To make the bird, I took of picture of a warbler and enlarged it on the photocopier until it was the size I wanted for the quilt.  I taped the photocopy to a window and taped a piece of shiny yellow fabric over the photocopy.  Using markers, I traced the bird and colored in the black markings, the eye, and the beak.  White silk flowers were soaked in yellow paint and used for embellishment.