By the Sea


Aquarium_webAquarium     30″ x 34″

Some time ago, I had purchased a beautiful batik panel that featured these colorful fish. After a couple years of it sitting in a cupboard, I decided to cut it up and use the fish in a quilt. The underwater plants were also cut from that batik. The zigzag blue fabric made interesting water.


ChapelCay_webChapel Cay      30″ x 22″

Chapel Cay was my raffle quilt for 2003.  For the fourth year, I raffled off a quilt before Christmas to raise money for Toys for Tots.  The quilt was made from fabric from old clothing.  The green foreground is from a chenille blouse, which was fun to work with because it gave interesting texture to the piece.  I used clip art I found on the Internet for the design.


Dunescape_webDunescape      43″ x 53″

The inspiration for Dunescape was a watercolor painting on a greeting card.  The cloud fabric is fused onto the green sky.  This quilt was heavily embellished with yarns, lace, netting, and guinea fowl feathers.  One of my techniques is to lay a pile of snipped yarns on top of the already-quilted quilt, lay a piece of netting over the yarns, and then stipple-quilt the yarn pile onto the quilt top.  Then I trim off the extra netting from around the pile.  This was done in several place on this quilt.  The interesting border fabric added an extra dimension to Dunescape.


FishTale_webFish Tale      15″ x 17″

The fish and seashells were drawn on a background and then machine embroidered, freehand.  A boucle yarn was used for the “sand.”



HomerBound_webHomer Bound      23″ x 17″

A friend of mine, Pepper Cory, is an international teacher, quilt book author and fabric designer. Pepper had some new lines of fabric coming out, and she was curious to see what some of her quilting friends might do with them. My efforts are a small art quilt based on a painting by Winslow Homer – hence the name “Homer Bound.” All the fabrics I used were designed by Pepper.


NightSail_webNight Sail      28″ x 35″

The black sky fabric and the white sail fabric are holigraphic fabrics which I also used in Jazz Band.  The print fabric used in the water was from an old dress.  The design is the same as Regatta, which had been started first.  I wanted to make a Christmas present for a nephew who likes black and white, and this quilt was the result.  He received it on Valentine’s Day, which wasn’t too late….


OldSailor_webOld Sailor      9″ x 12″

This quilt is a fabric copy of a photograph I took off the Portuguese coast.  We were traveling on Tropic Moon at the time.



PalmBeach_webPalm Tree     12″ x 9″

We spent a total of five years in the Caribbean on our boat, so scenes like this are favorites of mine.



ParrotBay_webParrot Bay      40″ x 31″

This quilt started with the “sky” fabric which I had painted with acrylics on cotton. The rest of the quilt is a fun collage of birds, leaves and flowers that I cut from a variety of fabrics. The people on the beach are fussy-cut from a piece of commercial fabric that had been designed by Julia Cairns.


PirateShip_webPirate Ship      22″ x 30″

Each year at the college library where I worked, we had a theme for our handbook.  In 2001 it was pirates.  A good choice since Blackbeard used to live here!  I did this quilt to support the theme.  The hull of the ship is made from black velvet.  The dolphins and fish were cut from other fabrics and fused on.


RaffleReef_webRaffle Reef      28″ x 20″

The background fabric for this quilt came from a thrift shop blouse.  Fish, turtles, and plants were fused on.  I made the quilt to use as a fund raiser for our college’s Relay for Life campaign.  Since I was raffling it off, I decided to name the quilt “Raffle Reef.”


RedSkyAtNight_webRed Sky At Night      27″ x 20″

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red in the morning, sailors take warning.” A former sailor myself, this quilt was a delight to create. It started with white silk which I painted with textile paints and inks. The sky and water are one piece of fabric – the sailboat, island and yellow strips in the water are fused on. I used thread painting to add detail to the scene and for the rigging of the boat.


Regatta_webRegatta       29″ x 35″

The sky fabric was from a hand-painted piece by the artist, Mickey Lawler, whose company is called Skydyes.  The water fabric was hand-dyed by a friend of mine when she was into doing shibori dyeing.  The sails also look hand-painted, but the fabric actually came from an old shirt.  The sky and water are pieced strips, and the sails and hulls are fused to the background.  The design is the same as my quilt “Night Sky.”


RiffraffReef_webRiffraff Reef      22″ x 31″

When I started this quilt, I was planning to make a forest.  My husband, passing through the room, said, “Oh, you’re making another reef.”  “It’s a forest,” I replied.  I took another look at it and decided he had a point.  I made the fish and added them to the “forest,” and called it Riffraff Reef.  The fish have buttons for eyes.  There are also some small turquoise gemstone fish swimming through the quilt.


Sea,Sea,Sea_webSea, Sea, Sea      23″ x 32″

The shrimp trawler and the three large “C’s” are the logo for Carteret Community College (where I worked).  I wanted to use the college’s symbol in a seascape.  The lighthouse is our local Cape Lookout Lighthouse.  I used some black tulle for the netting.  The college is referred to as CCC; hence the name of the quilt.


SunsetSail_webSunset Sail      19″ x 15″

I painted the background fabric in greens and yellow, hoping for a “jungle” look.  But it reminded me more of water and so I made a seascape instead.  The boat fabric is corduroy.  There is extensive machine quilting in a variety of colors.  Dark green yarn was couched on for the border.


TurtleBay_webTurtle Bay      23″ x 25″

This quilt was the result of a computer art class where I learned to use Adobe Photoshop.  We were to scan something, and then work it into a piece of art of our choosing.  I scanned the turtle from a picture in a book, and printed him out on a fabric sheet, using an ink jet printer.  The background fabric was pieced from a leftover strip of border fabric from “Dunescape”.  The yellow/black fish had also made an appearance in “Pirate Ship”.  Some of the other fish, plus that strange, yellow thing in the foreground, were images from the Internet that I printed on the same type of fabric that I had used for the turtle.