Flowers and Trees


Bejeweled_webBejeweled      47″ x 36″

The background blocks are pieced using a flip-and-sew technique, without any pattern.  After the background blocks were pieced together, I fused large flowers onto the background.  The butterfly started as a photo of an orange monarch.  I scanned the photograph into Photoshop, and “painted” it in pinks and blues to go with the rest of the quilt.  The butterfly was printed onto fusible fabric and pressed onto the quilt.  The quilt was then stipple-quilted.


BloomingCrazy_webBlooming Crazy      25″ x 33″

This quilt was inspired by an article in Quilters Newsletter Magazine written by Valerie Wells.  I used her flip-and-sew technique.  It was fun to use the variety of fabrics!  It was all pieced, with the exception of the leaves, which were fused.



ButterflyGarden_webButterfly Garden      37″ x 27″

The two shades of green in the background are hand-dyed fabrics which I cut into strips and wove together.  The technique is to cut one of the fabrics into vertical strips and the other fabric into horizonal strips.  I used silk flowers, bumblebees, and frogs for embellishments.  This technique of weaving fabric strips was also used in “Purple Flowers”, and for the cothing in “Picasso’s Harlequin”.


FallingLeaves_webFalling Leaves      12″ x 9″

The background fabric was from a dress that had interesting texture.  The leaves are silk flowers that I fused to the background.



FieldOfDreams_webField of Dreams      46″ x 24″

The background fabric for Field of Dreams was hand-painted by the artist, Mickey Lawler, whose company is called Skydyes.  The flower petals were made from old blouse fabric.  I wanted to get more creative with the actual quilting of my work, so rather than cut stems and leaves from fabric, I created the stems and leaves with thread when I was quilting the piece together.  I also “broke” the borders by having the flowers overlap the border fabric.


FloralBouquet_webFloral Bouquet      29″ x 22″

This was one of the times when I tried painting on fabric.  Everything within the oval is painted with watered-down acrylics.  The machine stitching added much-needed detail to the picture.



GardenOnMars_webGarden on Mars      16″ x 12″

All of the “other world” flowers and the sun are small pieces of fabric that I fused to the colorful background.



Johnny'sGarden_webJohnny’s Garden      29″ x 23″

Each year at the college, I would raffle off one of my quilts to raise money to buy toys for Toys for Tots program.  This was the 2002 raffle quilt.  The flowers were cut from old clothing.  At first, the green leaves were solid green, but looked too stark.  I used a silver paint pen to draw on the veins.  I also found the background a little too white, so I took a green paint pen and added a bunch of dots.  It’s called Johnny’s Garden because a man named Johnny won the quilt in the raffle.


LemonLime_webLemon-Lime      32″ x 30″

A friend’s hand-dyed fabrics were used for the leaves, which were fused to the background fabric before quilting.  The yellow flowers are from silk flowers.  Buttons are also used for embellishment.


PurpleFlowers_webPurple Flowers      38″ x 22″

I started this quilt with a blue and pink batik fabric.  I sliced that fabric into vertical strips and wove those pieces with two other fabrics – cut into horizontal strips – a pink on the top half, and an aqua on the bottom half of the background.  As I was cutting out the flowers, I noticed that what I had left over was also shaped like a flower, but in the negative.  I also fused on leaves from another fabric, and used some buttons for the centers of a few of the “negative” flowers.


QuiltedIrises_webQuilted Irises      35″ x 23″

The flowers were cut from the skirt of an old dress. The quilting on the silver flower that was used in the vase and border was fun to do, and gave an interesting effect.



Tulips_webTulips      27″ x 22″

All the fabrics in this quilt came from old clothing.  The multi-colored flowers were cut directly from a dress, while the solid-colored tulips and the leaves had to be “created.”  I couched a shiny piece of trim onto the vase.



TwoTulips_webTwo Tulips      39″ x 27″

During a visit to a used book store, I found a book on creating stained glass.  This design is from a pattern in that book.  Of course, batik fabrics are the real inspiration for this quilt.  To me, batiks give the ultimate look for stained glass done in fabric.



Willow_webWillow      43″ x 34″

This quilt started with my cutting curved strips from green and yellow blouse fabrics.  I layered the strips on a large piece of Wonder Under and pressed them down. What I came out with reminded me of the top of a tree, so I added the trunk.  The daisies came from a strip of commercial trim.  I considered naming this quilt “Weeping Willow on a Bad Hair Day.”


YellowTreeWithChickens_webYellow Tree with Chickens      16″ x 12″

Strips of fabric were woven together to form the top of the tree.  The chickens were fussy-cut from commercial fabric.  Even Snoopy’s doghouse made it into this quilt!